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Home Health & Hospice

Medicare Part A entitlement helps pay for home health benefits when it is associated within 14 days after discharge of a three day qualifying inpatient hospital stay. Medicare Part B entitlement can assist with the payment of home health services if a qualifying hospital stay does not exist. It can also assist after 100 visits have been utilized under Medicare Part A. Home health services are intended to assist homebound Medicare patients under the care of a physician with medically necessary services. The Medicare beneficiary should be in need of skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis, physical therapy, speech language pathology or a continuing need for occupational therapy.

Medicare Part A entitlement is necessary in order to receive coverage for hospice benefits. When a Medicare beneficiary’s physician certifies a six month life expectancy, the Medicare beneficiary can decide to waive Original Medicare coverage for their terminal illness. Pre-election counseling furnished by a medical director or other employee of a hospice agency can assist Medicare beneficiaries considering hospice who have a prognosis of a six month life expectancy. Hospice assists Medicare beneficiaries with such services as nursing care, medical supplies, drugs for symptom management and pain, inpatient and respite care, home health aid and homemaker services, therapy services, medical social services and dietary and other counseling. Medicare beneficiaries can terminate hospice coverage and return to Original Medicare by signing a revocation letter.

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