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Thank you for visiting the SafeGuard Services Web Site. We value your feedback. Please help us improve our web site by responding to the survey items listed below.

Please rate questions 1-5 using rating (1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being excellent).

1. Please rate the accuracy of information on this site.
 1 = Poor       5 = Excellent 
2. Please rate the ability to accomplish what you wanted to on this site.
 1 = Poor       5 = Excellent 
3. Please rate the ease of navigation on this site.
 1 = Poor       5 = Excellent 
4. What is your overall satisfaction with this site?
 1 = Poor       5 = Excellent 
5. How likely are you to use this site as your primary resource for getting information on Medicare?
 1 = Poor       5 = Excellent 
6. Which best describes you?
Beneficiary (Family or Advocate)
Consultant or attorney
Local, state, or federal government employee
7. What is your primary reason for visiting this site today?
Find general Medicare program information
Find contact information
Find out about a Local Coverage Determination (LCD)
Research a specific question on Medicare policy, eligibility, billing, or fees
Learn of, or register for, workshops, seminars or other training events
Take an on-line training course
Find DME Information
Read Medicare publications such as newsletters, press releases, etc.
8. Did you find what you were looking for?
I wasn't looking for anything in particular


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