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UPIC Contractor

Program Safeguard Contractor

SafeGuard Services LLC

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Mission Statement

OIG's Most Wanted Fugitives at

The mission of SafeGuard Services, LLC is to provide our customers with superior value by performing actions to identify, investigate, evaluate, and control program risk. These actions focus on deterring, reducing, and eliminating vulnerabilities in order to protect the program integrity.


Welcome to the SGS web site. This section is specific for providers and suppliers as it will provide you with information relating to Education, Local Coverage Determinations, Articles and Publication Overviews and much more.

Please click on the DME link to visit the DME section of our site!

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Welcome to the SGS web site. This site is for beneficiaries, their families and advocates as they play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the Medicare Program. SGS recognizes this importance and wants to provide you with information and resources that can assist you in protecting your Medicare benefits and services.

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